PS5 VR revealed? Sony patent hints at VR body tracking without external sensors

The world of virtual reality is one that becomes more and more enticing with each new hardware release.

The technology is not only becoming cheaper but also far more impressive with each iteration. That means that the way we play VR could change as well, although who knows what kind of form it could take in the future.

Well, it looks like Sony is looking ahead to what it could do next in the world of VR and the PS5.

At least, that seems to be what this patent is showing.

Sony files a new PSVR patent

This patent was dug up on Resetera, and it seems to show off some new VR tech that the company might be planning on using for the next model of PSVR.

The patent details "Plural individual sensor assemblies are engaged with respective parts of a person's body. Each assembly may include accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes. Sensor data is fused together to get the orientation at each body location. To simplify, the body is assumed to consist of rigid bars of known length connected with ball joints so that once the relative orientations of all bars are given by the respective assemblies, body pose can be computed."

It goes on to explain that "The technique may be used in VR location-based entertainment and for motion capture."

So, this could well be for new technology to go with a PS5 PSVR.

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How likely is a PSVR 2?

All things considered, it feels as though PSVR 2 is a sure thing.

Having sold over 5 million units, PSVR has been a pretty big success. It also means the Sony consoles can offer something completely unique when compared to other consoles.

As a result, while we can't say for sure when we'll see the next PSVR, we're pretty comfortable saying that it'll happen.

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