Esports to be streamed on PS5 VR? Fans could attend virtual events together with PSVR 2 headset, Sony patent suggests

PSVR has been around for a while now, bringing great games like Astro Bot into the lives of those PS4 gamers that took the plunge and bought a headset. But could esports play a large part in PSVR 2, the rumoured headset for PS5 owners?

That's certainly what Sony's latest VR-related patent seems to suggest, which we're going to break down for you now!

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Keep reading to learn more about this patent, and what it could mean for PSVR 2 on the PS5...

Watch events through a PlayStation headset

As reported by The Game Post, Sony has filed a patent for a rather specific idea: allowing gamers to attend virtual events, with full freedom of movement and real-time rendering, through a headset.

The patent reads like so: “Another way of accomplishing a more immersive interactive experience is to use a head-mounted display (HMD). A head-mounted display is worn by the user and can be configured to present various graphics, such as a view of a virtual space. The graphics presented on a head-mounted display can cover a large portion or even all of a user’s field of view.

"Hence, a head-mounted display can provide a visually immersive virtual reality experience to the user, as the HMD renders a three-dimensional real-time view of the virtual environment in a manner that is responsive to the user’s movements. The user wearing an HMD is afforded freedom of movement in all directions, and accordingly can be provided a view of the virtual environment in all directions via the HMD.”

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PSVR Rick and Morty bundle
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You'll also be able to join up with friends

The patent also mentions an “interface for seat selection and/or assignment", which "may inform a given user that one or more of their friends on the social network is also virtually attending the e-sports event".

The system will "provide an option [for people] to be automatically assigned to a seat in proximity to one or more of their friends. In this way, friends that are attending the same event as virtual reality spectators may enjoy the event together.”

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Is there a PSVR 2 release date for PS5?

All of this sounds exciting, leading us to imagine a PSVR 2 headset that will allow players to virtually attend events together through their PS5 consoles.

This could be huge for esports tournaments, allowing virtual audiences to gather and enjoy the spectacle. And it could also could work wonderfully for State Of Play live-streams from Sony.

However, as things stand right now, Sony has NOT announced a release date for its next PSVR headset. Despite an entire family of PS5 tie-in products being announced, the future of PSVR is still a matter of speculation. But this patent gives us confidence that Sony is cooking up something good!

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