PS5 Store finally adds a Deals section: Here's how to find it, and which games are on offer

It only took two months, but the PS Store on PS5 consoles now has added a dedicated Deals section.

It did seem a weird omission, when the PlayStation 5 console launched late last year, lacking an obvious way for players to find cheap games to play on their new systems.

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But now, Sony has added in a handy Deals tab which makes it nice and easy to find affordable experiences on the PS5. Keep on reading for the essential details...

Where is the Deals section on the PS5 Store?

As PushSquare spotted and reported, the PS5 version of the PS Store now has a Deals section.

Finding it is pretty easy, too: from the main menu of your console, head to the PlayStation Store app, and then navigate to the 'Deals' segment of the navigation menu. You'll find it nestled between 'Collections' and 'Subscriptions'.

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Which PS5 games are on offer right now?

As you can see in the screenshot above, the PS5 Store's Deals section is currently hyping up a big 'remasters and retro' sale that has knocked up to 75% off some classic games.

You'll also notice that you can save up to 50% on Warframe, which should make it extremely affordable way to spend a few hours.

There are special offers for PS Plus members, too, and plenty of other games that have dropped in price recently. Happy shopping, folks!

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