PS5 RGB: Will the lights on the PlayStation 5 have customisable colours?

Since Sony first revealed the PS5 console in its June State of Play, fans have flooded the internet with mock-ups of the console in different colours. While the PS5 released solely in its two-tone black and white design, many fans are still hoping they console could be customisable in the future.

While most of the focus has been on the PS5's colour customisation, fans have also shifted the discussion to another customisable aspect that has taken PC gaming by storm- RGB.

With the PS5 now available to buy, let's take a look at what the console could look like with LED lighting.

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Will the PS5 have RGB?

RGB lighting combines red, green, and blue LEDs to produce one of 16 million different colour options. The lighting has seen a resurgence over the past few years, now being used in many PC casings and keyboards.

Now the console is out, we know that the PS5 does not have the classical RGB lighting you would find on many PC gaming rigs. Instead, the next-gen console's lighting is limited to a blue light to indicate the console is turned on, and an orange light to indicate the PS5 is in Rest Mode.

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Do PlayStation fans want RGB?

Reddit user u/stuffx87 designed a mock-up of the console featuring RGB, and it looks amazing.

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Image courtesy of u/stuffx87

However, part of what makes this RGB lighting so impactful is its contrast to the black design of the PS5, which is still yet to be confirmed.

While the reaction to this mock-up was positive, there are still some PlayStation fans who are reluctant to embrace RGB lighting on their consoles.

"Other than looking cool it would serve no purpose. If anything it would be a distraction if it was in eyeshot," wrote one Reddit user on the r/PS5 subreddit.

RGB lighting would certainly make the PS5 stand out and could give the console an edge over the Xbox Series X, as long as players had the option to disable the lighting for extra immersion when playing games such as The Last of Us Part II.

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