OPINION: Sony should announce its PS5 sequels for God Of War, The Last Of Us 2 and Spider-Man

With Microsoft winning lots of positive press over the last few days, I think it's time for Sony to bring out the big guns: rather than stewing in secrecy and silence, the PlayStation marketing team should reveal all the big PS5 games that haven't yet been announced.

After all, that familiar refrain of "Microsoft just doesn't have the IP to match Sony" could make for a very powerful counter-attack right now.

Although the hype surrounding the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X is impossible to ignore, especially with Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox All Access pay-in-instalments scheme making it more affordable than ever to get involved with next-gen gaming, high-profile exclusive games represent one area in which Sony does have the firepower to outgun Microsoft.

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Microsoft's one big Xbox Series X launch title was meant to be Halo Infinite, but with that game now delayed into 2021, Sony could strengthen its position by showing just how many top-tier intellectual properties it has up its sleeve. Keep reading to learn what I'm hoping for...

Sony should tell us the whole slate of PS5 games

Sony has already promised us a few big PS5 games, of course. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Spider-Man: Miles Morales will both be ready when the PS5 console launches late this year (as far as we know), and Horizon Forbidden West(the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn) is also quite far along in development.

But still, those games have all been announced for a while, and with the hype machine strongly favouring the Xbox camp right now, it could be smart for Sony to zoom out a little further and tell us about the other games in the PlayStation Studios pipeline.

For example, fans have long been assuming that Sony's Santa Monica studio is working on a sequel to the God Of War PS4 game - although we don't know if it'll be called God Of War 2 or something different. Any sort of formal announcement for this game, even a CGI trailer, would surely garner a lot of positive attention for Sony.

Likewise, fans are well aware that Naughty Dog has been staffing up, and it's clear that the company's attention is starting to shift onto the next project after The Last Of Us 2. Whether this is The Last Of Us 3, a new Uncharted game, or something totally different, Sony could hoover up a lot of easy hype by announcing it - because it'll obviously be a PS5 exclusive.

Also, over at Insomniac, there must be something on the cards for Peter Parker - a full sequel to Spider-Man PS4 seems inevitable, but it hasn't been announced yet. With the Miles Morales game being positioned as a more standalone entry, comparable in scope to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, that next big Peter Parker game is certainly an elephant in the room. And again, by confirming that it has another hugeSpidey game in the works, which you can't play anywhere else, Sony could move the media/fan attention back onto the PS5 and its impressive exclusives.

Before pre-orders open and gamers across the world pick their next-gen purchases, perhaps Sony could lift the lid on its expansive slate of PS5 exclusive games for the next few years. Kind of like how Marvel Studios often announce a whole 'phase' of MCU movies at the same time, a PS5 slate reveal would make it super clear that Sony has a lot of games with mass-appeal in the pipeline, and you can't play any of them on Xbox.

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Spider Man Miles Morales FPS PS5
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We already know about the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, but the full sequel to Spider-Man PS4 has not been revealed.
Ratchet and clank rift apart demo playable for fans at home
expand image
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is another big PS5 game that is already announced.
Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, is also in the pipeline - but could Sony announce more hot properties to build the hype back up?
expand image
Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, is also in the pipeline - but could Sony announce more hot properties to build the hype back up?
When will the next full Spider-Man game swing onto PS5? Even if it's a few years away, fans would be happy to hear about it.
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When will the next full Spider-Man game swing onto PS5? Even if it's a few years away, fans would be happy to hear about it.
The Last of Us 2 Ellie 3
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Naughty Dog is hiring for something, but we don't know what - could it be The Last Of Us 3, or some PS5-exclusive DLC for The Last Of Us 2?
Atreus god of war 2
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God Of War PS4 ended with a big revelation about Atreus, and it seems very likely that a PS5 game will tug at that thread.
PS5 digital edition vs xbox series s
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All the hype around the Xbox Series S is a spanner in the works for Sony, but the PS5 can build up momentum again.

Could the PS5 match, or undercut, the price of the Xbox Series X/S?

Certainly, Sony will want to level the playing field somehow. A PS5 slate reveal is one way to try and do that, but it isn't the only option. Sony could also attempt to match or undercut the Xbox Series S/Xbox Series X price (which are now confirmed as £249/£449 respectively).

If the PS5 Digital edition was £249 and the PS5 Standard Edition was £449, Sony would put gamers in a position where it's pretty much a straight A or B choice between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Of course, I'd love to see this. Who wouldn't want next-gen consoles to be this affordable and evenly matched? However, it does seem a little unrealistic to expect this move from Sony, because it's not a like-for-like comparison.

The Xbox Series S is very different to the Xbox Series X in terms of specs - the Series S it's totally geared towards that cheaper price point (even sacrificing 4K gameplay to get the cost down), whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is the same as the PS5 Standard Edition in every way other than the disc drive.

Sony may well have to sell PS5 Digital Edition consoles at a serious loss if the company wants to match the Xbox Series S price point, which could have long-term ramifications for the bottom line at PlayStation. By comparison, a big sexy slate reveal would feel a lot more like a power move.

But hey, in a dream world, we'll end up with both: the PS5 could end up being relatively affordable and stacked with high-profile exclusives for years to come. Now, if only Sony would actually announce something (other than largely-ignored PSVR news), we could finally stop speculating!

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