PS5 Error Code CE-108255-1: How To Fix Error CE-108255-1 on PlayStation 5, And What Does It Mean?

Error Code CE-108255-1 has been causing consternation for PlayStation 5 users. But, like a timely life-preserver being presented to you on the bank of drowning, we appear, to provide you with an explanation. Here is everything you need to know about Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5. What it is, and how to fix it. You'll be back exploring Astro's Playroom before you can say, "floccinaucinihilipilification".

How To Fix Error CE-108255-1 on PlayStation 5

Unlike some errors, this is one which Sony have suggested a solution for. The recommendations are as follows:

  • If your system software and application are not the latest version, please update them to the latest version and see if there is any improvement.
  • If this error occurs after launching a game, delete the game in which the error occurs from Settings Storage, and reinstall the game.
  • Start your PS5 in Safe Mode and perform "5. Rebuild Database".
  • If the error occurs again, reset your PS5 from Settings System System Software Reset PS5, and try installing the application again. (Please make a backup of all your data in advance).
  • If the above means do not work, please consider applying for repair service from the online application page.

In simple terms, it may be a simple fix, by either updating your software, or reinstalling a game. Or, it may need a system rebuild, or in the worst cases, a repair. You may be eligible for a repair via warranty. We have some additional information on the PS5 warranty here.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether it will be a simple fix or not; your best bet is to work through the steps in order, and hope for the best. But what exactly is Error Code CE-108255-1?

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What does it mean?

When users get this error, they receive the message, "An error occurred in the application.". If you are unfortunate enough to be hit with this, it indicates a potential problem with either the application you were trying to launch, or the console itself.

Unfortunately, there is no diagnostic tool to pinpoint what is causing the error. If it is only happening with a specific game or application, that may point to a problem with that specific program. On the other hand, if you are receiving it on other occasions, it may indicate a more fundamental issue with your PS5.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure, is to work your way through the recommended fixes, and see how you get on. Hopefully you won't need to have your console repaired.

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