PS5 error code CE-107880-4 - how to fix DLC download issue

PS5 error code CE-107880-4 - how to fix DLC download issue

PS5 error code CE-107880-4 - how to fix DLC download issue

If you are getting PS5 error code CE-107880-4 while trying to download DLCs, we can help!

The PS5, like any gaming console, is not immune to technical glitches and issues that can hinder the gaming experience. From error code CE-112840-6 to error code WS-116520-5 to error code CE-117773-6, there is a multitude of issues that PS5 users can encounter.

In this article, we will discuss what causes the CE-107880-4 error code and provide solutions to help you fix the DLC download issue on your PS5.

What is PS5 error code CE-107880-4?

PS5 error code CE-107880-4 crops up when you try to install add-ons or download DLCs for games on your PlayStation 5 console. When this error occurs, the download or installation process fails, and the user receives a message that says "Something went wrong".

Server-side issues are usually responsible for error code CE-107880-4. Sometimes, the server hosting the DLC or add-on content can experience technical issues, which can prevent the download from completing and trigger the error.

That said, internet connectivity issues on your end and corrupted data can also contribute to error code CE-107880-4. Identifying the cause of the error is essential to successfully troubleshooting the error.

How to fix PS5 error code CE-107880-4

The error code CE-107880-4 can be frustrating for gamers, as it prevents them from accessing additional content for their favourite games. However, there are solutions that can fix this error code and allow users to successfully download and install DLC on their PS5.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to fix PS5 error code CE-107880-4:

  • First, launch the game and see if the DLC or add-on is available as this user suggested.
  • Open up the PS app on your phone and try downloading the content from there.
  • Try restoring licenses. To do that, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other and select Restore Licenses.

If none of the above solutions works, the issue is probably on the server side of things, and you may need to wait until Sony fixes the problem. In the meantime, you can contact PlayStation Support to get more clarity on the PS5 error code CE-107880-4.

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