PS4 Version 8.00 Update launching today, includes new avatars, two-step verification, and PS5 Remote Play

The PS4 system software update 8.00 is scheduled to go live today, as the final PS4 update before the PS5 launches next month.

Unlike many prior PS4 firmware updates that often just included the patch note: "This system software update improves system performance", the most recent update includes some changes to Remote Play, Parental Controls, and Two-Step Verification.

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Here's everything you need to know about the 8.00 update, as well as how to download it...

PS4 Version 8.00 updates and changes

As outlined in this PlayStation blog post, the version 8.00 update includes multiple changes, these include the following:

Party and Messaging Updates

Parties and Messages are now "more tightly linked together", with both apps now using the same 'groups' of players for both Party and Message chats.

This means that when you want to send a message to a group of players you were previously in a party with, you can now do so without having to set up a new Messages group.

You can also now join a party even if there are members that you have blocked, although you will not be able to hear them, and they will not be able to hear you.

Quick Menu Mic Muting

There is now the option to 'Mute all Microphones' from the Quick Menu.

New Avatars from PS4 exclusive titles

The collection of avatars available to use on a players profile has now been expanded to include avatars from titles including: Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Previously, avatars from these games often came bundled with the game as pre-order bonuses, for example.

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Which new Avatar will you be choosing?

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Parental Controls changes

'Communicating with Other Players' and Viewing Content Created by other Players' will now be merged into a new 'Communication and User Generated Content' setting that covers both options. The reasoning given for this change is that it "offers a simpler setting that’s easier for parents to understand and apply to their children."

Children can now also send a request to their parental guardian to use communication features in a certain game. This will then send an email to the parent, who can decide whether to make such an exception.

Improved Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification will now support authenticator applications for the PS4, giving players an option outside of receiving a text or email message with a specific code.

Disabling of Event Creation and Private Community Creation

Version 8.00 removes the ability to access or create Events, alongside removing private Community creation. Exiting private Communities, however, will still remain accessible under version 8.00.

New Trophy levelling

The Trophy level is now a ranking determined by the number of trophies you have earned. This includes all trophies you have earned previous to the Version 8.00 update.

Remote Play App updated for PS5

Perhaps the most significant update included in Version 8.00 is the announcement that Remote Play is to be updated in preparation for the PS5.

The PS4 Remote Play app will be renamed simply as PS Remote Play ahead of the PS5's launch in November.

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Interestingly, there is no mention of the DualSense in the Remote Play update...

Remote Play will now also no longer support Android 5 and 6, or Windows 8.1.

How to download the PS4 Version 8.00 update

To download the update manually, simple go to your PS4's settings and find the 'System Software Update' option. In here, it should allow you to download version 8.00, so long as you have enough space.

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If you cannot find the update in these settings, it is likely that your console may have already automatically downloaded the update.

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