The PS3 was "a very lacklustre platform", admits Sony's PlayStation exec Jim Ryan

With the PS5 launch a hot topic in the gaming world right now, Sony's PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has been reflecting on the previous generational jump that his company asked gamers to make.

Back when the PS4 launched, of course, Sony was hoping that players would transition over from the PS3. But that wasn't an easy proposition, with the PS3 being what Jim Ryan himself calls a "very lacklustre" platform.

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You can keep reading for Jim Ryan's full quote about the PS3, and how the PS5 is in a much better position because of the PS4...

"A very lacklustre PS3 platform"

As Sony's Jim Ryan said in an interview with, "We are increasingly bullish in terms of the number of people that we think may engage with PS5.

"Firstly, because we don't begin from a standing start like we did with PS4, when we were coming out of a very lacklustre PS3 platform, with a low level of networking across the community.

"Now we are starting with 100 million gamers, who we hope to transition very, very rapidly onto PS5. And it's an engaged, tribal, networked community, who will be deeply and profoundly engaged with their PlayStation 5, we hope, from a very early moment."

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FAREWELL, PS4: Will you be transitioning "very, very rapidly" onto PS5?

"Better, richer, deeper, faster"

Ryan continues: "The second [reason why Sony is bullish in its ambitions for PS5] is that the PS5 has been built as a networked device, with features and functionality coming out of the experience from the last six or seven years, designed to give networked gamers a better, richer, deeper, faster, more seamless network gaming experience.

"I'm sure you've seen the [PS5] UX unveil -- which is very difficult to do remotely, but I think the guys did a pretty good job… All of those adjectives that I used just earlier, they were in mind when we designed that UX."

All in all, then, Sony seems to be pretty confident about the transition from PS4 to PS5. Certainly, the company seems to be in a better position than it was a few years ago, when moving the needle from PS3 to PS4 was no easy task.

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