This PS1 handheld is everything we’ve ever wanted

ps1 fan-made handheld
Credit: YveltalGriffin (Twitter)

ps1 fan-made handheld
Credit: YveltalGriffin (Twitter)


  • This fan-made PS1 handheld is gorgeous
  • Created with actual PS1 hardware, this handheld doesn't use emulation
  • Sony should have made this instead of the PlayStation Classic

A fan has revealed their beautiful custom-made PS1 handheld, which uses the old console’s actual motherboard and doesn’t rely on any emulation. This handheld is everything a retro gamer would want and we’re pretty sad that it won’t be sold anywhere.

Shared by electrical engineer YveltalGriffin on Twitter, this little beaut is called the PS Hanami and was supposedly designed and built in one month. It lasts for about 2.5 hours and loads games from an SD card, so you won’t have to use your CDs. While this sounds like emulation, this is using actual PlayStation hardware, rather than attempting to emulate it.

This PS1 handheld also runs on loud stereo speakers, giving players pure PS1 audio bliss. Games also run at a pixel perfect 480p, ensuring that these games will run and look perfectly on this screen.

If there’s anything to complain about with this handheld, it’s that there’s no analog sticks, making certain games unplayable on this custom-made system. RPGs like Final Fantasy VII will play just fine, but those hoping to replay Ape Escape on this will be disappointed. The fan did say that they could make a revised version with analog sticks eventually, but it probably won’t be shown anytime soon.

We genuinely think this is one of the best-looking handhelds in gaming right now, putting Sony’s heinous-looking PlayStation Portal to shame. Unlike Sony’s Portal, the PS Hanami doesn’t need the internet to play games, so we imagine this will be very useful for travel.

Despite its PS1 beauty, this isn’t a handheld that gamers will be needing anytime soon, given the current handheld gaming market. Handheld PCs like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally can emulate PS1 games with little to no issue. Retro handhelds from Anbernic and PowKiddy can also emulate up to PS1 and more, which is hardly ever an issue.

Even with all of that, the PS Hanami is an impressive PS1 handheld we wish was available for purchase. If Sony made this instead of their PlayStation Classic, fans would have liked that more.

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