PS Portal hacker sells out to Sony and patches out the PSP exploit

ps portal hacker removes psp exploit
Credit: Sony

ps portal hacker removes psp exploit
Credit: Sony


  • The hacker who added PSP emulation to Sony's PS Portal has removed said explot
  • According to the hacker, it was their job to search for exploits and report them to Sony
  • Fans who want more from the Portal still hate the hacker after this

The PS Portal might be as pretty as cow dung, but there’s no denying that it’s become a hit with PS5 owners. While the device has no offline compatibility, there was a mod that added a way to play PSP games on the cloud device. However, the same person who made this mod has now patched it out, working with Sony to do it.

Andy Nguyen, who hacked the Portal in the first place, went to Twitter and confirmed that the device’s next update will remove the PSP emulator. Nguyen then received a ton of negative comments about the move, despite the fact that he’s a Google cloud vulnerability researcher.

With many calling him out, Nguyen defended himself by saying that Sony would have patched it out of the PS Portal anyway. Even with his reasoning, fans are still angry that he didn’t release this publicly, as gamers are stuck with a cloud device once again.

“No idea why you folks cry about the disclosure. If we just released it to the public, do you think Sony would just leave it unpatched?” Nguyen said. “Reporting vs. not reporting is only a few weeks of difference.”

It seems that the PS Portal is stuck as a cloud device once again, only being good for playing PS5 games in other parts of a player’s house. This does have an audience but gamers do wish it could be a bit more, given how good Sony’s previous handhelds were. Unfortunately, those days are over and it seems that Sony just doesn’t care about handhelds you can play offline.

Despite how much we mock the accessory, it’s clear that the PS Portal serves its purpose as an alternate way to play PS5 games. Not having offline play will always be a drag, but it’s a good way to beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 when your mom or dad wants to watch the television.

Sony fans can pick up the PS Portal now, for better or worse.

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