Prop Hunt takes a haunting VR twist with Mannequin’s open alpha

Agents standing in lines, with one having a glitchy visor, in Mannequin key art
Credit: Fast Travel Games

Agents standing in lines, with one having a glitchy visor, in Mannequin key art
Credit: Fast Travel Games

Fast Travel Games is no stranger to making incredible VR games, and the developer's next title is a VR game inspired by Prop Hunt, with a haunting and spooky twist. And the best part? You can try it now for free, thanks to an open alpha test.

In the game, you play as two Agents looking for three shape-shifting aliens fittingly called Mannequins. Unfortunately, it's not easy for Agents, as they can be killed with a single touch from an alien player, but Agents can scan frozen statues using an EMP gun to try and defeat the opposing team.

Fortunately, the game is coming to a variety of the best VR headsets in 2024, but the open alpha is limited to those with a Meta Quest headset. Similar to downloading games on SideQuest, you'll have to grab the APK from the Mannequin Discord server and sideload it to play.

Currently, the alpha for the game is very limited in nature. Must-have Quality of Life features like left-handed accessibility, as well as the ability to report players isn't available yet. However, Fast Travel Games has confirmed these options will come in the future in the official Discord server.

Fast Travel Games has also reported some users getting an anti-virus warning when downloading the APK to Windows, however, the developers have stated that this is an unforeseen issue with the download and will be fixed in future versions.

Fast Travel Games has released plenty of excellent VR games, from a superhero VR simulator to the supernatural Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice. However, Mannequin is the first multiplayer game developed internally by the company, and considering how popular Prop Hunt has been since it started as a game mode on Garry's Mod, we're excited for the full release.

When it finally launches, the game will be available on PCVR via Steam, Quest, and PSVR 2. Unfortunately, the game only has a broad 2024 release window right now, but as Mannequin receives more testing, we imagine it will become stable enough for a full release.

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