Best Project Zomboid mods to use in 2023

Project Zomboid Creative mode

Project Zomboid Creative mode

Project Zomboid is one of those rare games that got more popular with time. One of the things we love about the game is the community. Modders in the community have created some of the best Project Zomboid mods that you need to try out. There are dozens of mods to choose from that can enhance your experience and we picked some of the best ones for you to use.

Project Zomboid does not need mods to be a functional game. It already has tons of content for you to enjoy, but if you are looking for mods that can add features or new content, we have you covered with our curated list of mods.

Project Zomboid is not the only game that has some fantastic modders in the community. Before we head into the guide, consider checking out our Project Zomboid hotwire guide as well as our list of admin commands for the game.

How to install Project Zomboid Mods

Project Zomboid Electron House
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We recommend using the Mod Manager by NoctisFalco which you can find in the Steam Community Workshop. The mod manager makes installing and managing mods a lot easier and it should be the first thing you get.

  1. Apply filters and search
  2. Check if any mods need to be updated
  3. Order mods by name, enabled/disabled, date added, created and updated
  4. Save filters and order
  5. Add mods to favorites or hide from the list
  6. Create custom tags for mods
  7. Save mods presets
  8. Load mods from existing saves
  9. Disable or enable all at once
  10. Change mods load order
  1. Use keyboard to navigate through the list

You need to be on at least build 41.65 of the game to install mods. All you need to do is fire up the mod manager and you will be able to install, remove or manage any of your Project Zomboid mods.

Best Project Zomboid Mods

Here are our picks for the best Project Zomboid Mods that you need to use. Do note that some of them are best experienced after you complete a normal playthrough of the game so you might want to check out the vanilla experience first, before trying out some of these mods.

Image of Bedford Falls from Project Zomboid
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Credit: Steam

Bedford Falls (Map Mod)


This mod adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world. If you have already explored all of the content in the game, this is the best mod to engage with. It is possibly the largest and best community-made map mod that you can install for the game.

OGRM Rechambered (Weapons Mod)


ORGM Rechambered is a continuation of OrMntMans Real Guns Mod for Project Zomboid. Adding over 100 real-world firearms, and completely redoes the firearm mechanics with a focus on realism. Firearms spawn in various barrel lengths offered by the manufacturer. The mod introduces 3D models for every gun that are handcrafted by community members. If you are looking for a more realistic shooting experience, this is definitely the mod to go for.

Antibodies (QOL Mod)


The Antibodies mod expands the game’s zombification mechanic by adding an antibodies curve which is loosely based on real-life immune system response. If antibodies overtake the infection, the character will slowly recover. The mod introduces infection stages, Moodles (debuffs and buffs), Traits, and more. The game keeps your infection stage hidden so you need to step up your game and improve your chances of survival by keeping your mood high and getting good traits.

Recycle and Craft (Crafting Mod)


Recycle and Craft is one of the best Project Zomboid mods if the base game’s crafting system does not feel in-depth to you. You can craft a host of new items that are otherwise not available in the base game. It also has a Dehydration system that you can use to your advantage. Players can build a metal dehydrator using scrap metal and start to make you long-term food.

Using the Dehydration feature, you make your food less restorative and you need water on hand, but it lasts years. You can even dehydrate rotten food, at your own risk.

Resident Evil Skins (Customization Mod)

Resident Evil is a genre-defining horror game and we don’t blame you if you are looking for ways to play as some of the most iconic Resident Evil characters in Project Zomboid. We’ve linked a selection fo three mods above that you can use to download character models for Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from the iconic series.

LiveStat (QOL Mod)


Keeping track of all your stats can be very tedious and the LiveStat mod is one of the best Project Zomboid mods for beginners. You can track all of your stats in real time which allows you to monitor all of your survival stats in one place. IT even has a GPS system that will help you navigate around the map with ease. Do note that the GPS might not work well with community-made maps as it is designed for the vanilla game only.

Common Sense (QOL Mod)


The Common Sense mod adds small changes to the game that are hard to notice but once you install it, you will not be able to play without the mod. Here are some of the changes that the mod introduces to the game.

  • Crowbars can pry open doors, windows, vehicles, etc.
  • Sacks can be emptied at will.
  • Spears can be crafted with mops, brooms, etc.
  • Canned food can be opened with knives, screwdrivers, spoons, etc.
  • Pie slices now have a happiness bonus of 5.
  • Sheets can be crafted.
  • The flashlight can be attached to your belt.
  • Added and improved various recipes.
  • Certain items can be repaired

Those are all of the mods that we recommend for newcomers and veterans alike. For more content, consider checking our coverage of the new in-game currency in Dying Light 2 and also our ultimate Civilization 6 mods guide.

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