Production updates announced for several Star Trek shows

Star Trek is in the limelight again in recent years. There are numerous new properties already released and with more on the way. A number of updates were posted this week about TV shows in development. 

We’ve already seen a number of updates regarding the Picard series. We most recently learned that Q and Data will share a scene together.

There are other shows in development alongside Picard. Current productions include the animated show Star Trek: Lower Decks and also Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

TV and movie productions were halted most of last year and through some of 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen a number of productions resume in recent months.

Strange New Worlds

Director Amanda Row posted on Twitter this week. Row announced she was in the process of directing an episode of Strange New Worlds.

Row is directing the eighth episode in Strange New Worlds’ ten-episode season. The show is a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery and will act as a prequel to the original series. 

De Lancie still working on Picard

We’ve talked about De Lancie’s involvement in the new Picard series on a number of occasions, but it looks like the actor is still working on set based on a Tweet from director Terry Matalas.

De Lancie will appear in six episodes throughout the series. However, it’s not clear what effect he may have on the pilot and how he will interact with Picard.

Voice recording for Lower Decks season 3 begins

Lower Decks, the animated Star Trek show is currently recording voice lines for the upcoming third season. 

One of the stars of the show, Tegan Newson confirmed recording had begun in a post on Instagram.

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