Powerwash VR's Back to the Future Is Clean Nostalgic Fun

A man in a Powerwash Simulator suit next to the Back to the Future DeLorean in Powerwash Simulator VR
Credit: FuturLab

A man in a Powerwash Simulator suit next to the Back to the Future DeLorean in Powerwash Simulator VR
Credit: FuturLab

The Back to the Future trilogy is undoubtedly a classic series of time-traveling fun, but no one considers the aftermath. Given how often Marty and Doc Brown travel to and from various time periods, it's surprising that we never see them clean up their messes. You might think that's because it's not fun, but Powerwash Simulator VR's latest expansion proves it can be exciting.

Released this week, the Back to the Future pack brings five new levels to Powerwash Simulator VR, featuring iconic set pieces from the beloved trilogy. There's no time travel shenanigans here, just some cleaning fun as you wash dirt and grime off vehicles like the Time Machine or make the Hill Valley Clocktower look as good as new.

While the Back to the Future series isn't as popular in video games as one might hope, experiencing some of the best moments while wearing the best VR headsets feels magical. Sure, you’re not getting into the iconic DeLorean that causes all the chaos, but you can see it up close in Twin Pines Mall (or Lone Pine Mall, depending on the timeline). The scale of Doc's Time Train feels like witnessing cinematic history in person, with all the parts functioning as you scramble through your tools to clean the huge machine.

This also adds to the amount of detail found within this pack. While set pieces like the Clocktower might feel rather bland, with the history holding most of the nostalgia, the Time Machine feels particularly impressive. You can see all the small details at the back of the DeLorean as you clean it up in the mall parking lot. Fortunately, it doesn't matter if you spray mountains of chemicals on these electronics.

Clearly, a huge amount of work has gone into bringing these cinematic pieces of history to life in a new and unique way, allowing players to get up close to some of the most iconic moments in movie history. Unfortunately, much of the detail is lost in the surroundings, and the visuals can look somewhat murky even on a Quest 3, but the magic is what truly keeps you going. Being able to stand up and look at the Holomax Theatre in all its glory feels truly special, and it's something that any Back to the Future fan would love.

The standard Powerwash Simulator experience has offered plenty of DLC packs, bringing some of the greatest video games, movies, and TV shows to life in interesting ways. However, there's no doubt that the Back to the Future pack is a special way to experience some of the greatest movies of all time.

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