Portal movie: Here's what we know about its release date, trailer, cast and more

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Some video game movies have been on the way for a very long time.

That's definitely the case with the Portal Movie, which has been talked about a little bit for nearly seven years.

Despite how long this film has apparently been coming, there's still very little information about it at all.

That's why we've put together everything we currently know about the Portal Movie, and we'll be updating this whenever new information comes out.

Portal Movie trailer

Naturally, with details being so very thin on the ground, we've not got a trailer yet.

It's a frustrating state of affairs, but we can only imagine that when one gets released it'll spread across the internet like wildfire.

We'll keep you updated with everything we know.

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Portal Movie release date

Again, despite this apparently being planned for most of the last decade, there's no release date in sight. It'd be natural for some kind of leaks to come out given the profile of the movie, but that hasn't happened.

We've got to assume that any release date prior to 2026 is incredibly optimistic, and even then that date might be pushing it a little bit.

It could well be that the Portal movie is always being worked on, and that could mean we never get to Companion Cubes and sarcastic robots on the big screen.

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Portal Movie cast

The only thing we know for sure is that Gabe Newell is apparently working on the movie with J J Abrams. That's been the case for the majority of the time we've known about the Portal Movie, and it doesn't seem to have changed.

The main characters are probably going to be Chell, GLaDOS, and Wheatley.

Who could play them is anybody's guess, but it wouldn't be that surprising to hear the voice actors from the games reprising their roles.

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