Pokemon Go stopped working - how to fix pokemon go not working

Pokemon Go stopped working - togepi standing next to a bundle of eggs
Credit: Niantic/Nintendo

Pokemon Go stopped working - togepi standing next to a bundle of eggs
Credit: Niantic/Nintendo

If you’re wondering how to fix the Pokemon TCG online server error and continue enjoying the game, you’ve come to the right place.

Pokemon TCG Online is an exciting and accurate representation of the classic Pokemon Trading Card Game. The online game recreated Pokemon’s fun-packed card-battling atmosphere and offered a way to join quick global matches.

However, Pokemon TCG Online is prone to slowdowns and server errors. As you probably know, a server error can affect your gameplay experience negatively.

Don’t worry – this article will cover the step-by-step methods of fixing Pokemon TCG Online’s server error.

Fixing Pokemon TCG Online Server Error Through Modem Reconnection

A Pokemon TCG server error is a consequence of your device’s connectivity issues. Some of these issues are related to poor port listening, managed network limitations, and banned IP addresses.

You can try unplugging your modem for 30-60 seconds. Afterwards, plug in the modem and restart your computer. Resetting your modem can fix any issues and correct your device’s connectivity problems.

You can also use an Ethernet cable and speed up your computer’s Wi-Fi connectivity. A high-speed connection will ensure that the Pokemon TCG Online client is uninterrupted.

Check if Your Anti-Virus is Blocking Pokemon TCG Online’s Client

Anti-virus programs are known for blocking executables such as games and installed applications. You should always check if your anti-virus program is blocking Pokemon TCG Online.

Visit your anti-virus program’s dashboard and find a list of blocked apps and executables. Check if Pokemon TCG Online is in the list and toggle the Allow button. You can also include the Pokemon TCG executable in the anti-virus program’s safe list.

Close Unnecessary Background Apps to Prevent Pokemon TCG Online Server Error

While Pokemon TCG Online is not too intensive in memory consumption, it still needs at least 3GB of free memory. To ensure the smoothness of Pokemon TCG Online’s connection, you must close unneeded background apps.

Some apps that consume too much space are Skype, Discord, installation prompts, Torrent clients, and even Steam.

Google Chrome also consumes a lot of available memory space, especially if many tabs are active. So, make sure that you close the Chrome browser before playing Pokemon TCG Online.

Use A Different Device

Sometimes, an executable doesn’t run because of missing, corrupted, or outdated plugins. If you don’t want to go through deep technical hoops, you can simply use a backup device.

Laptops and smartphones (Android and iOS) are excellent handy devices that can run Pokemon TCGO effectively. Also, most modern laptops have consistently updated plugins and system files compared to older desktop PC models.

How to Flush DNS Cache to Fix Pokemon TCG Online Server Error?

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One of the easiest ways to deal with most connection errors is to flush the DNS cache. The DNS (Domain Name System) cache is a digital record of queries made from your browser. Whenever you need to access something from the web, your browser sends a query through the DNS server. To save time, the DNS cache pulls out the server request if you happen to visit the same website again.

Flushing your DNS cache means clearing all existing DNS records. You may need to do this to clear faulty queries and data corruption.

Here are the steps in flushing a DNS cache on a Windows OS:

1. Open the Command Prompt by clicking the Start button and choosing the Command Prompt icon.

2. Allow the Command Prompt to make changes to the computer. You may also run Command Prompt as Administrator.

3. Contact the system administrator if Command Prompt requires an admin login. Running Command Prompt as Administrator will bypass this step.

4. Once you’ve opened the Command Prompt, type this command line: ipconfig/flushdns.

5. After receiving the message that DNS has been flushed, close the Command Prompt. Reboot the computer to ensure greater effectiveness.

Final Reminder

There are many factors related to Pokemon TCG Online’s Server Error. The solutions discussed above can usually solve the problems related to the Pokemon TCGO client. Still, don’t forget to keep your Pokemon TCGO client updated to minimize or avoid potential server errors.

Note: Pokemon TCG Online will officially shut down on June 5 to pave the way for the global launch of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live.

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