PlayStation Portal, Sony’s useless cloud device, launches very soon

playstation portal coming out soon
Credit: Sony

playstation portal coming out soon
Credit: Sony

The PlayStation Portal is an ugly cloud gaming machine that Sony is pretty confident in, to the point that it’s releasing soon. Fans who desperately want to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on their couch while their significant other uses their television will be able to get this “PSP” next week.

Sony has confirmed that their cloud gaming handheld machine will be coming out on November 15, which is next week. It’s a device that definitely targets a specific niche, but that niche seems to be really excited to play their PS5 games on some kind of portable.

Even if it won’t beat the Switch or Steam Deck, it seems that the PlayStation Portal has found a decent audience. Japan, in particular, are pretty pumped for this device, showing just how strong the Sony and PlayStation brand can be.

For those unaware, the Portal is similar to the Wii U’s massive GamePad, except uglier in every way possible. This system can stream games that PS5 owners have installed on their console, so they can’t even stream games that might just be in their library.

Despite seemingly being useless, cloud gaming could be an important way to play games in the future, so Sony has to start somewhere. It will be interesting to see how fans and critics react to the PlayStation Portal once released since that design is straight-up nasty. No, we won’t stop bringing up how ugly this thing is.

Many fans are disappointed that the Portal uses the PSP acronym since Sony once had a system called the PlayStation Portable. This was an amazing device that received a good amount of first-party and third-party support. Sony’s successor, the PS Vita, was even better, but the company gave up on it too quickly, blaming the rise of mobile games, despite the 3DS doing pretty well at the time.

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Anyway, those who really want a portable PS5 can get the PlayStation Portal next week, on November 15.

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