Sony's Hideous PlayStation Portal Sold Well Enough to get an Accolades Trailer

playstation portal back in stock accolades trailer
Credit: Sony

playstation portal back in stock accolades trailer
Credit: Sony


  • Sony's PlayStation Portal gets an Accolades trailer after selling well and coming back in stock
  • The handheld is now more available in other game stores
  • Fans can now pick this up and play PS5 games in other parts of their house

Sony’s PlayStation Portal might be a disgusting internet-based handheld, but it has sold well enough to get an Accolades trailer from the company. The Portal is also back in stock, so fans who want to play their already-installed PS5 games somewhere else in the house can now do so.

Fans can check out the Accolades trailer here, showing some positive reviews for the game and various games being played on this handheld. We see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, FIFA, and Sea of Stars, the last of which is a bit surprising. That being said, these are all quality games and it’s good that they play well on the Portal.

PlayStation Lifestyle also confirmed that the PlayStation Portal is back in stock, with outlets like Target and Best Buy selling them with no issue. Fans on the handheld’s subreddit confirmed that they were able to get this accessory without any problems, which is a huge improvement.

It didn’t take long for the Portal to get everyone’s attention, with users originally thinking this was a hideous-looking console. Personally, we still think that this handheld is pretty disgusting, but it does its job well and that can’t be denied. Sony knows this is a niche thing that only PS5 owners would buy, but they lucked out as it’s clearly a good internet-based product.

Many fans will remember how scalpers got their hands on this thing, making the accessory even harder to get than it already was. Now that the PlayStation 5 is more readily available for most consumers, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on a PlayStation Portal.

We’re not huge fans of the Portal, but there’s no doubt that this handheld is very useful for PS5 owners in a big house. It might have some dumb features, like an Airplane Mode, but fans can play Final Fantasy XVI in other parts of the house and that’s cool.

The PlayStation Portal is back in stock and should be easier to get from here on out.

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