How PlayStation gamers can get money off EA Play

With subscription services becoming increasingly commonplace in the gaming industry now, it can be hard to keep up with them or even know for sure what they offer.

That's why a lot of them offer some kind of discounts here and there to try and entice you in, like the snake from Jungle Book.

The latest metaphorical snake, in this weird and somewhat tortured analogy, is EA Play.

There's some good news about EA Play for PlayStation users too, so here's what you need to know.

What is EA Play?

EA PLay gives you EA Access and Origin Access and also now comes with some new perks. "Start getting more from the games you love. We’ve got some big news, starting today EA’s two game membership services – EA Access and Origin Access – are now EA Play"

You get early access to games, savings on digital purchases, and access to an increasingly large library of EA games as well.

It's pretty cool if you like the stuff they put out, and if that all sounds good to you and you're on PlayStation, you can get a discount at the moment.

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How can PlayStation gamers save money on EA Play?

This is actually incredibly easy. Rather than having to go through a messy form or some discount code of some sort, all you need to do is head to the EA Play section of the PSN Store.

There's a huge discount which means your first thirty days costs a mere £0.79 until March 9th.

Of course, there are loads of terms and conditions here, and it's only for new members, but it's a great chance to check this subscription out if you've been curious.

Just don't forget to cancel it if you're not enjoying it. Set a reminder on your phone or something.

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