How to Fix PlayStation Error Code NP-104602-3 on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 - How to fix network issue on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 - How to fix network issue on PS4 and PS5

If you are getting PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 while trying to play a game online on your PS4 or PS5, we have some proven solutions for you.

Lately, many PlayStation users have reported that they are experiencing network issues such as the PS5 party chat network error, PS5 error code CE-112840-6, and the PSN error code NP-104602-03.

These pesky little errors are causing them lots of trouble. So in this article, we will be giving you some tips to fix the issue and get back to playing the game you love.

How to Fix Error Code NP-104602-3 on PS4 and PS5

We scoured Reddit forums to find proven solutions to this error, and fortunately, we stumbled across some great tips.

You can fix the PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 by temporarily connecting to the hotspot on your phone, and once the green "online" dot shows up, switch back to your wired/wireless internet connection, as this Reddit user suggested.

Another little tried-and-tested trick is to restart your router. A router flooded with data can often cause network issues, and a classic restart should fix your problem. In fact, this user was able to fix PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 by doing the same.

If none of the suggestions works for you, the problem is probably either with your ISP, the game server or the PSN servers. We would recommend you check the PSN as well as the game server status to rule out any problems with the servers.

What Is PlayStation Error Code NP-104602-3?

PlayStation error code NP-104602-3 is a connection error that prevents you from playing games online. Usually, it happens when the PSN servers or the server that hosts the game you are trying to play is down or overloaded with users.

Another possible cause of this error is that your internet connection is slow and/or unstable. Your network device can also be responsible for this annoying error.

That covers everything about the PlayStation error code NP-104602-3. We hope you found our troubleshooting tips effective. Before heading off, check out how to change the location on PS5.

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