Play Call Of Duty Warzone like Shroud: how to match the pro streamer's loadout, set-up, peripherals, settings and more

Call Of Duty: Warzone is a lot of fun, but it's also pretty tough. If you want to succeed regularly, and not just by happy accident, then you're going to need to put in the hours and learn how to play well. Just like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has.

However, it's not just practice that can make you a better player. Sometimes a good workman does blame their tools, or at least they always know which tools to take to every job.

That's why it's a good idea to see what kind of things the pros use. Maybe you should change your loadout, maybe your buttons could be mapped better, or maybe you just need to finally upgrade your mouse?

No matter what it is, you need to know what you're working with first. So, here's everything you need to know about how Shroud plays Call Of Duty: Warzone.

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Shroud Warzone Loadout

Shroud favours the M13 as their primary weapon. They use the Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle, the Tempus marksman Barrel, the Solozero Optics Mini Optic, the No Stock Stock, and 60 Round Mags Ammunition attachments. This gives them a little more speed than some other setups with this excellent assault rifle.

For the secondary weapon, they use the .50 GS pistol, with the Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle, the lightweight Trigger Trigger Action, and the Granulated Grip Tape Rear Grip attachments. This makes it an excellent option when ammo is low and you need to finish someone off.

They use the Cold Blooded, Ghost, and Amped Perks, along with the Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade as their lethal and tactical options. These all add up to a powerful loadout that can make short work of unaware opponents.

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Gear up and get ready to play like Shroud.
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Gear up and get ready to play like Shroud.

Shroud Warzone Button Mapping

These are the button mappings that Shroud uses according to Best Gaming Settings.

  • Reload: R
  • Prone: Z
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Jump/Mantle: Space
  • Use/Interact: F
  • Change Stance/Slide: C
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: Left Shift
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • Toggle Firing Mode: B
  • Melee: Caps Lock
  • AutoRun: H
  • Map: M
  • Scoreboard/Inventory: Tab
  • ADS: RMB
  • Use Armour Plate: 4
  • Tactical E: Q
  • Equipment 4
  • Health Kit: X
  • Tactical Equipment: Q
  • Lethal Equipment: Middle Mouse Button
  • Field Upgrade: X
Find out if your ears are the same size as Shroud's.
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Find out if your ears are the same size as Shroud's.

Shroud Tech Set-up

Shroud has some of the best tech in the business according to Pro Settings. So, it's a little pricey, but you'll feel like a boss using it.

They use a BENQ XL2540 screen to give them the ability to spot enemies from miles away, and never miss a beat while playing. They use the Logitech G Pro Wireless Ghost mouse, which is light and incredibly responsive as well on top of the Logitech G640 mat.

They use a Logitech G Pro X mechanical keyboard, which is both incredibly responsive, and also satisfyingly clacky. Then they use the Logitech G Pro X headset to make sure they can hear their enemies coming before they see them.

It's a great all-around setup, and now you know everything you need to to start playing like Shroud. It's probably a good idea to practice though.

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