Persona 3 Remake website surfaced after months of leaks

persona 3 remake website surfaced after months of leaks
Credit: Atlus

persona 3 remake website surfaced after months of leaks
Credit: Atlus

More evidence points to the Persona 3 Remake being real as its website domain has resurfaced and added fuel to the fire. There’s already plenty of proof that Atlus will be revealing this game soon but this basically confirms that fact.

As pointed out by Persona Central, a website with the domain name P3RE.JP received an update recently. Various updates show that the domain is being updated with more information, hinting at something being revealed soon.

With rumours of the Persona 3 Remake getting revealed in next week’s Xbox Showcase, this only gives it more credence. Sure, the game could be revealed via another event, but it’s pretty obvious that this JRPG is coming out.

This isn’t even the biggest indicator that a remake is coming, as leaked gameplay made its way to the internet months ago. Using similar visuals to Persona 3: Dancing in the Moonlight, it looks like something that could be really special.

Hopefully, the game gets a lot of improvements, with most of us just wanting the ability to control our teammates. Some might not know this but the original PS2 game and its FES re-release did not have that feature. Fans had to wait for the PSP game Persona 3 Portable to get that convenient mechanic.

Speaking of P3P, many fans are wondering why Atlus even released that remaster if a remake was coming. This writer doesn’t mind since it’s a fine game in its own right but releasing a remake a year or so after a remaster re-release is confusing. At the least, fans can experience the original’s story before the remake comes and potentially changes things.

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No news yet on when the Persona 3 Remake is coming out or which systems it will come out to. A report claims that Persona will soon be a multi-platform series after major sales and this could be the start of that.

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