Fortnite Festival’s new Guitar Hero controller is finally here

An image of the PDP Riffmaster guitar controller on a purple rock background

An image of the PDP Riffmaster guitar controller on a purple rock background

PDP has revealed the new guitar controller, primarily to be used with Epic Games’ Fortnite Festival. Dubbed the PDP Riffmaster, the new controller is compatible with Rock Band 4 and, sometime in the future, Fortnite.

The new Riffmaster guitar controller has two variations, compatible with different systems. One model works on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles whereas the other device works on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

PDP has created an ambidextrous design for the Riffmaster that can be used by anyone. Furthermore, the device has a new analogue stick on the back of the guitar to control menus and other features. Additional goodies include a 3.5mm headphone jack and an integrated battery rated for 36 hours of use.

The PDP Riffmaster guitar controller for Rock Band and Fortnite also has a foldable design. This means that instead of disconnecting the guitar’s neck to save space, you’ll simply be able to fold it up.

PDP’s new guitar controller may also be compatible with PC to use on games such as Clone Hero, but that has yet to be confirmed. In fact, PDP has yet to even reveal a price for the plastic guitar controller for Xbox or PlayStation.

Nevertheless, when Fortnite Festival does eventually release instrument support, the game will heavily benefit from a brand new instrument controller. With Rock Band 4 already being retired, the musical Fortnite mode may be the future of the genre.

Fortnite Festival is available right now as a free download on multiple platforms. The game can be downloaded on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch right now.

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