Payday 3 won't ship with Denuvo, devs confirm

Payday 3 denuvo
Credit: Payday 3

Payday 3 denuvo
Credit: Payday 3

Despite Payday 3 fans enjoying the recent technical beta, a lot of the decisions made by the development team have them skeptical. Luckily, Denuvo won't be one of those controversial decisions, as Starbreeze has announced they won't be shipping the game with the DRM software.

Denuvo, for those unaware, is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management (DRM) system developed that essentially works to avoid piracy, however, it's been heavily criticised due to heavily impacting the performance of games that ship with this feature according to players.

Furthermore, in the case of Payday 3, shipping it with Denuvo would have made modding the game increasingly more difficult, or outright impossible, especially if we add in the fact that the game will still have a controversial always-online requirement.

In any case, Denuvo in Payday 3 is no more, as Starbreeze happily confirmed via social media.

It's a big win for fans of the franchise. Sadly, as we've mentioned, there are other caveats they are wary of ahead of Payday 3's release. The always-online requirement could severely impact the game's longevity, as the servers could go down at any given moment if the devs choose to pull the plug.

On the other hand, the perceived predatory microtransaction and seasonal content scheme has also come under severe scrutiny.

In any case, fan reaction has been extremely positive when it comes to actually playing the game. It will remain to be seen if the rest of the issues plaguing Payday 3's release are addressed before its impending release on 21 September.

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