Payday 3’s lack of updates are being caused by a ‘critical error,’ claims Starbreeze

payday 3 updates critical error
Credit: Starbreeze

payday 3 updates critical error
Credit: Starbreeze

PayDay 3 is in a constant state of turmoil, as the multiplayer shooter launched in a poor state and has barely moved on from its issues. The developers at Starbreeze have finally broken their silence about their broken game, claiming a “critical error” on their backend prevented a frequent flow of updates.

Andreas Häll-Penninger, a Starbreeze producer, spoke with fans through a developer update video (transcribed by PC Gamer) and discussed those update issues. Discussing this so-called “elephant in the room,” Häll-Penninger says the aforementioned critical error would have made updates ruin player saves and progressions, hence, the delay in updates.

"We have no reason to want to delay updates for this long. It was frustrating for both us, and you, the players, that the launch went the way it did,” Häll-Penninger said. “We've taken the necessary steps to ensure that our updates will not cause more problems than they fix."

It’s no secret that PayDay 3 launched in a very bad state, preventing users from getting to play the shooter. Players had to wait a few months before Starbreeze released an update that would make this game “playable” for everyone. Massive damage was done to the game’s reputation as a result, with many players going back to PayDay 2 just to get a kick out of the franchise.

How Starbreeze decided to release this multiplayer shooter in such an embarrassing state has been mind-boggling to many. Then again, this issue isn’t exclusive to Starbreeze, as a number of rushed video games continue to get released before they’re ready. Hi there, Cyberpunk 2077 from 2020.

Fans who purchased might want to give PayDay 3 another shot, now that some of its issues have been fixed. It’s going to take a while before Starbreeze regains fan trust, so maybe they should release some free DLC and add that offline mode.

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PayDay 3 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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