Payday 3 somehow had two botched launches in a row

Payday 3 heist characters posing in front of the camera

Payday 3 heist characters posing in front of the camera

After over a decade of supporting the series’ second game, Starbreeze has finally released Payday 3. While hundreds of thousands of fans are attempting to play the co-op heist game, Starbreeze has unfortunately botched the game’s release, twice.

As fans noticed during launch day yesterday, Starbreeze’s heist game has been unplayable due to frequent Payday 3 server errors and Nebula login issues. Across PC and console, most Payday 3 customers have been unable to play the game they’ve purchased.

While Starbreeze celebrates the game’s sales success on social media, fans have immediately called for refunds for the game as they’re still unable to play. Additionally, the inability to play any part of the game outside of the tutorial has led fans to become angry at the title’s always online nature, even with the removal of Denuvo DRM.

“I wish you would put it offline because I feel like I wasted my money on something I can only play online,” one fan replied to Starbreeze. “This is one of the worst games released ever. I am a huge payday fan, but come on, man, this is just trash all around,” said another.

Starbreeze’s botched Payday 3 launch is sadly the second time the developer has messed up with its latest release. Earlier this week, the game’s early access period, which fans paid extra for, was ruined for PlayStation 5 customers who were limited to an early, unplayable build for almost 24 hours. Of course, PS5 customers have also called for refunds.

As Starbreeze’s biggest launch ever, it’s not surprising to see Payday 3 suffer from numerous server errors and connection issues on launch. In fact, the title will likely suffer from numerous bouts of online issues as time goes on.

At the time of writing, Payday 3 is finally playable for most people around the world. If you’re looking to finally get your heist on, now is the time.

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