Payday 3 PS5 version unplayable as Starbreeze launches early version

Payday 3 is unplayable on PS5 - a heist character firing an assault rifle in a vault

Payday 3 is unplayable on PS5 - a heist character firing an assault rifle in a vault

Early access customers of Payday 3 are able to play the new heist game on Xbox, PlayStation and PC right now. However, Payday 3 PS5 players are currently playing the wrong version of the game.

While Starbreeze may have removed Denuvo DRM and provided a concrete Payday 3 DLC roadmap, it may have screwed up the game’s PlayStation 5 launch.

In a post on Twitter, Payday 3 lead producer Andreas Häll Penninger revealed that PS5 gamers are currently using an earlier version of the game. While not intended, the game’s PS5 build is an older version that was made available outside of the developer’s control.

“PS5 players: For reasons out of our control you are currently playing on an older version of the game. Sony is working on rolling out the proper patch,” the producer told fans on Twitter.

Despite this apology, fans of the game are still upset at Starbreeze for allowing an earlier version of the game to go live at all. With fans having to pay extra for a few days of early access to the title, many believe they should have done everything to make sure the game’s launch went off flawlessly on all platforms.

“Are we going to get compensated for the time loss?” one player asked. “I paid $120 to play the game 3 days early.”

“Any ETA at all? Would love to know if I wasted my money to just have early access to a tutorial,” said another.

“I paid extra money to play early, if I gotta wait and miss out until launch day imma need a refund asap,” a fan responded.

Alongside the calls for a refund, the botched Payday 3 PS5 launch also reminded some fans of the series’ poor reputation on console. As we discussed before, Payday 2’s console history is abysmal, and it’s hard to trust a console port of the sequel following a decade of rough treatment.

Payday 3 is technically out now on PlayStation 5, and is actually out now on Xbox Series and PC via early access. For everyone else, and Game Pass customers, the game will be playable on September 21.

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