Payday 3 devs hope for long-term success after a failed launch

payday 3 devs eventual success failed launch
Credit: Starbreeze

payday 3 devs eventual success failed launch
Credit: Starbreeze

Payday 3 isn’t the success developer Starbreeze was hoping for, launching in a buggy state and only recently recovering from all of these bugs. Despite all this, the devs at Starbreeze hope that players eventually give it a chance, with hopes that long-term support will lead to success.

Speaking at the company’s year-end reports (via Eurogamer), Starbreeze has acknowledged that the game has not lived up to sales expectations thus far. Rather than give up on it, the company has said that they will listen to fan criticism and hope that continued support can lead to some profit.

"There is no simple recipe available, but a common thread from the positive examples is to take players' criticism to heart, dare to support your game and keeping an open and honest dialogue with your stakeholders," Starbreeze said. "That is exactly what we are now doing with Payday 3."

While the company brought up how Payday 3 isn’t doing as well as they’d like, they also mentioned that Payday 2 is still doing well financially. Many gamers did go back to the second game after the latest installment launched in a bad state, so this does make some sense. It’s not what the company wanted but it seems like they’re willing to work their way out of this mess.

It is disappointing to see the third game in this state, but that’s what happens when you can’t play this multiplayer shooter at launch. Various bugs were preventing players from getting into servers, which is why many quit and went back to the previous game. The devs at Starbreeze had to take a lot of time to solve these issues and they recently deemed Payday 3 playable, after numerous fixes.

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Only time will tell if Payday 3 eventually makes a profit for the company, but the continued support can persuade fans. Gamers curious about this shooter can pick it up on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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