Payday 3 Denuvo cut from game just before launch

Payday 3 heister firing an assault rifle

Payday 3 heister firing an assault rifle

Starbreeze has gracefully decided to remove Denuvo DRM from the launch release of Payday 3. With the new co-op heist game just days away, fans of the multiplayer series are already praising the decision to remove the controversial anti-piracy tech.

With the Payday 3 release date just around the corner, fans were wary of the game’s inclusion of Denuvo DRM. As well as being an anti-piracy tool, Denuvo has been long criticised for reducing the performance of games on PC.

In a short but sweet statement, Starbreeze revealed on Twitter that there will no longer be any Denuvo support in the launch version of Payday 3. Whether you buy the game’s Early Access version on September 18th or the standard version on September 21st, Denuvo will be absent.

Fans immediately showed support for the removal of the anti-tamper technology. While the exclusion of the service may result in more piracy of the game, it also means that normal customers won’t be punished for no reason. Furthermore, it will run a bit better for every single player.

“Thank you!” one commenter replied on Twitter. “Denuvo punishes paying customers! If there was a better way to prevent piracy, I'd be all for it, but it causes nothing but trouble!”

Of course, Payday 3 is already an always online game, which could massively reduce piracy of the title. While the always online functionality of the game has caused many to be upset at the title, it was to be expected at this point.

After over a decade of support for its predecessor, Payday 3 has the potential to be Starbreeze’s next ten-year project. Already launching with a slew of Payday 3 weapons and a deep roadmap of Payday 3 DLC, Starbreeze has obviously put a lot of effort into planning the future of its new heist game.

Payday 3 finally launches later today in Early Access. The title will be available for normal customers September 21st on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC.

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