Path Of Exile: How to get the 'Jeweller's Orb' item

Path of Exile has numerous forms of currency being used in the game, including the so-called 'Jeweller's Orb'.

The 'Jeweller's Orb' is primarily used to re-roll the number of sockets you can get on a weapon or armour.

And getting yours is essential in playing Path of Exile because you'll need to strengthen up your character as you progress in the game.

Here are the ways on how to get 'Jeweller's Orb' in Path of Exile:

How To Get 'Jeweller's Orb'.

Just like any other form of currency or resources in the game, you can obtain those by killing enemies along the way.

The amount of 'Jeweller's Orb' you can get will vary depending what type of enemy you would kill. The more common ones can give one, while the rare or unique ones can give at least one or up to three of those.

Just make sure you are ready to take on the enemies, and don't let them kill you in any way.

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Get the 'Jeweller's Orb' in Arcanist's Strongboxes...

The official wiki page of Path of Exile lists that you can get 'Jeweller's Orb' in Arcanist's strongboxes.

An Arcanist's strongbox is a type of special loot that can be found in Wraeclast - the dark, brutal continent and game setting of Path of Exile.

Use your collected amounts of 'Jeweller's Orb' to repeat the number of your sockets. Using seven of those can give you any item 6 sockets but not 6 linked.

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