When you don't want to build a PC from scratch, there's nothing wrong in buying a pre-built variant. This way, all you need to do is plug it in to the mains, and you're good to go.

However, there has been a rise in small businesses offering pre-built machines to custom order, but also bundling in warranty support, just in case anything fails or you simply want to look at upgrading certain parts of the PC.

This is where


come in; a company based in Stockport. We

spoke about OPSYS

earlier this year where they were advertising a job-role of a lifetime. While there's seemingly no successful candidates as yet, we have been sent one of their PC builds. More specifically, the


We've been testing it in the last fortnight to see if they're one to look into if you're after a new build.

Design - Score 95

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It arrives in a humongous box, bigger than what a PC requires, but it's only when you see the amount of protection that's required for a machine like this.

It's a big rig, with RGB abound and five fans across the case to keep the cooling at a good level, alongside liquid cooling for the CPU.

Once you switch it on, you're greeted with a lightshow. One strip at the bottom, followed by bright, colourful lights across the case, alongside the RAM and the motherboard. It's colourful enough that it's not annoying to have by the side of your desk. However at the time of writing, there was no way to switch it off completely, only to fiddle with some of the RGB on the RAM and the fans.

Thanks to the liquid cooling, the PC is very silent, even when it was under heavy load in all the 'Ultra' settings and ray-tracing games such as



Shadow of the Tomb Raider


However, their customer-service should be discussed here before we go into the specifications of the PC. You may be asking yourself, why would you choose OPSYS for a new PC. For one, their


 program is something that's much appreciated in this day and age.

If there's an upgrade you want done, it's included in the purchase of the PC. Alongside lifetime support of technical queries, annual health checks, and a minimum of 3-years in parts cover.

Essentially, you're looked after, for as long as you have the PC.

This is impressive, and from the


that we've come across, we're not surprised that everyone's been happy from the company.

It's good to see from a company that their involvement doesn't end when you buy the PC; it carries on for years afterward.

Specs - Score 95

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This PC is simply a beast.

  • AMD Ryzen 5600X
  • Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB SSD M.2
  • Seagate 1TB HDD
  • 16GB ( 2X 8GB) DD4 RAM
  • ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 8GB
  • 750w Bronze PSU

As soon as it boots up, to launching a game, everything was smooth sailing. Games such as

Control, Max Payne 3, Forza Horizon 4,

all ran at high-speeds at the highest graphical settings.

Using the ray-tracing feature, while a hit on framerate, was still able to keep everything at a high-framerate on a 1440P resolution.


Quake II RTX

was a highlight here; seeing levels rendered in ray-tracing across the environments was an absolute treat, and gives this writer ideas as to other games of this era that could benefit from this rendered conversion.

Thief II


However, ray-tracing itself is still a 'wait and see' feature here. While you can read a significant amount in how it will benefit games, seeing it in action didn't enhance




in any significant way. Ironically, the only game that did was

Quake II


One nice touch of the PC, is that you're not greeted with bloatware; merely two apps that appear on your Desktop, ready to go.

One controls the RGB, and the other is simply 3DMark, so you can see exactly how the PC rates on their benchmarks.

All in all the PC was incredibly quiet playing these games; thanks to the liquid cooling and its 5 fans, you will have no equivalent of a jet engine beside your desk here.

Price - Score 95

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For this machine specifically, you'll be looking at £1,549 due to a promotion they're currently running.

Their other PC's also go for £1,149, but they are introducing 'Build-To-Order' options soon.

For the power you get, for the lightshow and design you get, and above all, the customer-service you get, it's an incredibly competitive price here from OPSYS.

While we couldn't find if the upgrade service counted towards someone buying a part from another vendor and not themselves, their warranty program shouldn't be scoffed at.

Our Score


  • Fantastic power for what you buy
  • Great Build with a tidy enclosure and all the RGB
  • Fantastic customer service to maintain the PC for the distant future


  • No way to turn off the RGB, with some nights exposing it as a lit-up Christmas Tree
  • Ray-tracing on the 3070, while powerful, brings no great benefit for now



Essentially, one of the best PC Builds we've had at Stealth Optional. The PC, coupled with its design and high-class customer service, makes it one to seriously consider if you're shopping around for a Gaming PC.

The casing is modern and non-intrusive, except for the RGB, for the times where you don't want the equivalent of a Christmas Tree while you're trying to achieve #1 in Fortnite.

Especially if a new PC is new to you, OPSYS will be able to help guide you and install any upgrades thanks to its impressive warranty program.

This is one to watch, and if you're looking for a PC now, we strongly recommend to visit them at

their site


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