OPINION: This fan-made Halo version of Xbox Series X is better than Microsoft's console design

The design of the Xbox Series X was unveiled last December, with some making comparisons to a fridge, while others welcomed the size and design of the next-generation variant.

With everyone waiting to hear about the price and the release date of the system, fans have been putting their own spin on the Series X design, opening up the possibilities of what 'limited edition' consoles could look like.

We've seen in the past of 'limited edition' console from each company, from the Nintendo Switch 'Pokémon' variant to the 20th Anniversary PS4 console. But here, a fan has lovingly created a mock-up that has enticed future buyers of the console.

With that, lets see just how this eclipses the standard design of the Series X already, and why Microsoft should take some cues from this and others.

A Master Chief of Design

It's been a strange year, and that's seeped into the announcements from the games industry that has been trickling through, month by month, ever since April. We are in August and we still don't know the release date and price of the Xbox Series X.

But with that, it fires up the imagination for some to create images and even videos of what they think the hardware could look like someday. As the look of the Series X was unveiled late last year, fans have had plenty of time to think of what the design could look like, based on some IP.

The below by XboxPope began this, with a stunning design of the Series X, inspired by Halo Infinite, with the same green colour inspired by Master Chief's armour, alongside the signage of certain characters from throughout the series.

The controller is one that is a highlight for me; I can see myself owning one just like this to pair to my PC and play Halo Infinite through GamePass.

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A Fistful of Craig

But of course, we are now in August, nine months since the above tweet was posted, and we are all now fully aware of what Halo Infinite currently looks like, and how a certain mascot has now made his presence known.

Of course, I'm talking about Craig. To have a silhouette of him below the analogue stick or even his face replacing the 'Xbox' logo on the console in an updated design of this would be great to see.

But lets not forget the equally-important tweet from Phil Spencer who replied to the above:

This made us think; regardless of the details that we know of for now, its fans like XboxPope that can't help but make us wonder of just how 'basic' the Series X looks like.

You can design custom controller designs through Microsoft, so what about the same experience, but for the Series X? Having the ability to do this, could really customise just how the console looks in the living room, while slightly improving the 'black fridge' that fans have now become accustomed to.

It would be great to see different colours of the console when it's eventually up for pre-order, but we can't help but think that if Phil Spencer is spotting fantastic mock-ups like this, we may be further than we think on special edition 'Series X' consoles coming after launch.

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