Opinion: Now is the perfect time for Bloodborne on PC

We're living in strange times.

You can play Xbox games on your mobile phone, you can play retro games on your iPad, and you can now play Horizon Zero Dawn on your PC.

Ultimately, console exclusivity is rapidly becoming less and less attractive, and if Sony is going to bring more of its excellent titles to PC, then there's one we really, really want to see.

That game is, of course, Bloodborne, and now seems like the perfect time for it.

What makes Bloodborne so good?

Bloodborne is a game from FromSoftware that puts players in the middle of a town infected by beastly blood. On this, the night of the hunt, you find yourself in Yarnham seeking a cure for your own ails.

Unfortunately, the night of the hunt is when everything goes a bit awry, and you very quickly find yourself using transforming weapons to take out gigantic monstrosities.

It's a phenomenal game, and many consider it the best soulslike around. It also has one of the best worlds to get lost in, and plenty of secrets to keep you busy too.

As good as it is though, it's stuck on PS4, and that's fine, but oh boy could things be better on PC.

Why should Bloodborne be on PC?

For starters, the performance of Bloodborne has always been a little ropey on PS4. The original version had minute-long loading screens, but even though things have improved, the frame rate and general performance still aren't perfect.

On PC, not only could we see all of these things improved thanks to the variety of options and tweaks that games on PC are privy too, but we could also just see more of the game.

We're not sure if you've heard, but mods are kind of cool. There are some truly exceptional mods that completely rework games, like the Cinders Mod for Dark Souls 3.

Well, seeing one of those appear for Bloodborne would be incredibly cool, and aside from that, we just really want an excuse to play through it again.

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