TikTok and OnlyFans star Mollymoonn created a horror game with Jesse Cox

OnlyFans star Mollymoonn created a horror game - MollyMoonn in one of her shorts

OnlyFans star Mollymoonn created a horror game - MollyMoonn in one of her shorts

Excuse Me Sir? May I interest you in a new horror game? Created by Dread X Collection studio Airdorf and Torple Dook, starring both iconic YouTuber Jesse Cox together with TikTok and OnlyFans star Mollymoonn, Excuse Me Sir is a new unique FMV horror game.

Taking inspiration from Mollymoonn' series of TikTok videos, which indeed feature the phrase "Excuse me sir", the project was originally pitched on Twitter by Airdorf in December of 2022. Both Jesse Cox and Mollymonnn seemed to be interested from the get-go, and they have been working together since then.

The demo, published on indie marketplace Itch.io, has quickly become one of the most appreciated demos on the store, featuring among the most popular horror games. The creator describes the demo as "a new story from the world of Molly Moonn, designed by Molly herself" featuring point and click puzzles and interactive stories with multiple endings.

The gameplay is based on the main character being approached by Mollymoonn herself. But while the interaction seems innocent at first, pretty soon it will become apparent that there is something terrible going on. The player can interact by choosing where the conversation will go.

Airdorf have previously worked on FAITH: The Unholy Trinity, a 8-bit style horror game also inspired by the Satanic scare of the 80s. The game has been praised by critics and public for being one of the most unique horror experiences of the last few years.

We would say that Excuse Me Sir is definitely going in the same direction as FAITH, since it seems that it will bring to the audience the unique throwback while adding a modern TikTok vibe. Now, when can we get that NPC TikTok streamer horror game that we've all been waiting about?

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