Have a blurry Oculus Quest? Here's how to fix unclear images

Unclear images on your Oculus Quest headset are the big bugbear of many users; the blurry and hard-to-see pictures and visuals are simply irritating during a session of Half Life Alyx and Beat Saber.

It may really affect your VR experience, and you may not enjoy looking through those images.

However, if you want to be rid of that certain blurriness, there's certainly ways to do it.

Here's how to fix unclear images on an Oculus Quest.

Fix unclear images by cleaning your Oculus Quest lenses

A basic step, but it really helps.

According to 10 Scopes, cleaning the lenses of your Oculus Quest VR headset may solve your blurry problems.

The lenses are the main component that are the nearest to your eyes, so such blurriness may be just because of some dirt or dust on those.

Wipe your lenses gently with a damp cloth or any cloth that is clean and smooth. It's just one wipe that can give you the best VR experience.

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Fix unclear images by positioning your Oculus Quest properly

One more option you can do, aside from cleaning your lenses is to check if your headset is placed properly.

Extend the headband of your Oculus Quest properly while stretching the other side of your headset at the same time.

Place it in your head the way it makes you comfortable while moving and exploring in the space around you.

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