Oculus Quest 2 Vibration Fix: How To Solve Oculus Controller Vibration Not Working

Oculus Quest 2 Vibration Fix: How To Solve Oculus Controller Vibration Not Working

Oculus Quest 2 Vibration Fix: How To Solve Oculus Controller Vibration Not Working

You may have been surprised by how noticeable it was when your Oculus Quest 2 vibration stopped working. Haptic feedback often seems to sit in the background and is sometimes more notable when it isn't there than when it is. If your controller has suddenly stopped vibrating, it can dampen your experience of the games you are playing. What can you do about it, if anything?

That's the question we'll be tackling today. Here are our top tips, on how to fix an Oculus Quest 2 controller that's stopped vibrating.

How To Fix Oculus Controller Vibration Not Working

There are a few different reasons why your Quest 2 controller may have stopped working. It seems to be an issue that has been particularly prominent for players on Beat Saber. In several cases, it has been happening exclusively in that game. So if this applies to you, the most common solution has been changing which USB port you have plugged your headset into.

But what if you are experiencing this issue with over games as well? We have a few tips for you to try:

  • Make sure the vibration level is turned up. If for some reason it has been turned down, that may explain why you can't feel it.
  • Swap the batteries. This is the top recommendation from Oculus themselves. Changing the batteries will reset the connection between the controllers and the headset, in case this is the root of the problem.
  • Restart your headset. A classic reset, but often effective.
  • Unpair, and then reconnect your controller using the Oculus app.
  • Contact Oculus Support for further assistance. It's possible you will still be covered by your warranty, so if it is a hardware issue, the support team may be able to help.

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Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Vibrating Constantly?

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On the other hand, the Quest 2 controller may sometimes seem to vibrate more than you would like. If that's the case, then a lot of the above tips still apply:

  • This time, reduce the vibration level
  • Remove and refit the batteries
  • Restart the headset
  • Unpair then reconnect the controller
  • See whether this is an error that applies to a specific game or not. If it only happens in one game, the likelihood is that it's a game-specific issue, rather than hardware.
  • If it appears to be a hardware issue, get in touch with Oculus Support again.

Whether your Quest 2 controller is vibrating too much, or not enough, hopefully, these remedies will work for you, and you'll be back enjoying Beat Saber in no time at all.

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