Portal Between NYC and Dublin Shut Down Because Humans are Garbage

nyc dublin portal shut down
Credit: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

nyc dublin portal shut down
Credit: Brendan McDermid/Reuters


  • The portal between NYC and Dublin has been shut down due to human indecency
  • Some of these offensive actions include a woman flashing her breasts and someone showing an image of 9/11
  • We won't get any more of these until people decide to stop giving in to their urges

The portal between NYC and Dublin has been shut down after numerous people decided to act like complete idiots to each other. Unfortunately, this was something many of us expected to happen since human beings are generally awful and will be vile for the sake of it.

Residents were originally just waving at each other politely, before things quickly grew dark and, in some cases, hilarious. An Only Fans model decided to flash her breasts at the screen, according to The Independent’s report, with the content creator wanting to show Dublin what she’s got. One other person also decided to expose his behind to this other side of the world, because why not?

Sadly, these are the least offensive things done through the portal, as some scum in Dublin decided to show off an image of 9/11. While flashing your privates is pretty bad, trying to offend people who might have been there during the attack is absolutely vile.

At the time of writing, this portal has been temporarily closed down, with both sides likely working on restrictions to follow. It seems that people will be tempted to do whatever they want if there aren’t immediate warnings or repercussions, so this behavior was somewhat anticipated.

Originally, this portal was meant to be a way to connect people more, which is why it’s in both New York City and Dublin, Ireland. Had this gone well, one would imagine that people would have put out more portals on other sides of the city and the rest of the world. As soon as people get a grip and stop acting like idiots in front of this, the government might actually give us more of these portals.

Will we get more of these portals installed in other parts of the world? Maybe once humans have more control over their impulses, we’ll actually get some decent interaction with each other. As it stands, we all suck and don’t deserve technology like this.

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