NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Release Date, Predicted Specs, Everything We Know

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Rumours are continuing to swirl about the impending release of some new graphics cards from Nvidia. While a few different cards are being discussed, at the top-end is the expected NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Release. With CES just around the corner, and Nvidia having already confirmed they will be in attendance, what more do we know? That's the question we'll be answering today. So sit back, relax, and prepare to find out everything you need to know about the rumoured RTX 3090 Ti.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Release Date

There is plenty of speculation about exactly what Nvidia is gonig to reveal at CES. But the consensus seems to be that the RTX 3090 Ti is going to be officially unveiled at the Las Vegas event. Additionally, the release of this premium GPU is expected to follow soon after, with expectations of a launch on January 27th (although others are suggesting a slightly later release in March). Of course, until everything is officially confirmed we recommned taking all of this with a pinch of salt. But this is the current best guess.

The real sauce comes from the rumours around the specs of the RTX 3090 Ti. If you are a gamer who appreciates nothing but the best, then this will certainly warrant your attention. Let's take a look.

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Predicted Specs

VideoCardz.com has reported that they managed to get hold of an NDA that not only confirmes that launchd ate of January 27th, but also holds a lot of technical information. We already knew that the RTX 3090 Ti was likely to be at the top end of the market. But this leak, if true, makes it something of a monster.

As we always say, until things are officially confirmed, take everything with a bit of caution. But the rumoured specs courtesy of that alleged NDA are as follows:

  • 84 GPU clusters
  • 10752 CUDA Cores
  • 84 RT (ray tracing) cores
  • 336 texture mapping units
  • 24GB G6X memory
  • 384-bit Bus
  • 21 Gbps Memory Clock
  • 1008 GB/s Bandwidth
  • 450W TDP

This is expected to be the best Ampere card ever produced, and potentially the best card of all until the Ada Lovelace generation of cards that are expected in the RTX 40-series. It's also anticipated to have dual 12-pin power connectors. This means it can provide up to 1275W - almost 1.3KW of power. It's likely to need an impressive cooling system as a result.

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Anything Else Worth Knowing?

Given that this is likely to be the most impressive GPU Nvidia has ever made, you can probably expect it to cme with a similarly impressive price tag. That's before we factor in the worldwide chip shortage which doesn't seem like it's in danger of being sorted anytime soon.

The current generation of RTX 3090 GPU launched at $1499/£1399. Some are suggesting that the 3090 Ti will be launched at a similar price point. But others are suggesting the price may be in excess of $2500. As usual, we'll need to wait for Nvidia to give us the full details before knowing who is right on this front. But the bottom line is you can expect to pay top dollar for this particular kingpin. Assuming you can get your hands on one, of course.

As ever, we'll update this article with more details as soon as we know more.

Update: RTX 3090 Ti Confirmed

At CES 2022, Nvidia finally announced the RTX 3090 Ti GPU. In the Special Address given by Jeff Fisher, Nvidia Senior Vice President, GeForce, he describes this as a "monster GPU". Highlights include 40 shader Teraflops, 78 RT Teraflops, and 320 Tensor Teraflops. There will also be 24GB of 21GB/s G6X memory, the fastest they've ever produced (and in line with the predicted specs we discussed earlier). We are also expecting 10752 CUDA cores - 256 more than the RTX 3090 GPU.

Further details such as full specs, price and release date are set to be announced later this month. But this exceeds the previous best, the RTX 3090, which was itself priced at $1499. So probably best to start saving those pennies. We will, of course, keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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