NVIDIA RTX 3080 vs AMD RX 6800 XT: There's a clear winner in this test

In the world of GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD could be dubbed its two kings. But with a test being held that compares the NVIDIA RTX 3080 and the AMD RX 6800 XT, there's now a clear winner.

It was a test to measure up both GPUs' performance when it comes to handling graphics not just by executing well, but by producing top-notch scores.

It's nearly time for you to find out who is the winner of the NVIDIA vs AMD showdown...


The test was reported by PC Gamer. It was a new Mesh Shader Feature Test that was used by 3DMark.

The scene was run by both of the GPUs. The Mesh Shaders were highlighted, being a significant part of the scene.

But this is where things got a lot more interesting and paved the way for the winner to dominate.

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The clear winner of the test

And to make things crystal clear, the winner of the test is... NVIDIA. Yes. Fair and square. The DirectX 12 Ultimate feature was executed by the two GPUs, and this is where the RTX 3080 reigned over the RX 6800 XT.

Everything boiled down to the framerate performance. The NVIDIA GPU listed a massive 67.32 fps score when the Mesh Shaders were off, while the AMD one only nabbed a 28.09 rating.

As for when the Mesh Shaders were on, NVIDIA triumphed with a 584.09 fps score, while AMD just went on with a 468.77 fps outing. The difference - a staggering 767.6% for the first test, and an enormous 1,568.8% on the second one.

Now there's a clear winner.

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