No, the RTX 3060's crypto mining limits haven't been hacked

Images claiming to have bypassed the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060's hash rate limits have been debunked as false.

The image, as shared by @I_Leak_VN on Twitter, allegedly showed eight RTX 3060 GPUs mining Ethereum at a hash rate of 45MH/s. However, the poster has now followed up, clarifying that the image actually displayed a mining algorithm for the Conflux alt-coin currency.

The RTX 3060 only limits the hash rate when it detects an Ethereum mining algorithm - allowing mining for Conflux to still occur. It appears the RTX 3060 remains unhackable, at least for now.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 hack debunked

First posted in a Vietnamese crypto mining group, this image of eight RTX 3060's running at a combined 362.75 MH/s led to reports that NVIDIA's hash rate limits had already been cracked.

However, even before the image was debunked, many were sceptical of its authenticity because of the specific cropping.

After comments indicated this was not Ethereum mining, @I_Leak_VN offered a correction, stating: "After collating performance information and consulting with everyone, I confirm this's an Octopus amateur mining."

However, they also maintained that the RTX 30 Series will remain a key source for crypto miners, commenting: "Anyway, do not expect many RTX 30 series for gamers" in reference to NVIDIA's statement that 'GeForce is made for gaming'.

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Source: Lê Anh Tuấn

Why has NVIDIA limited the hash rates?

Last month, NVIDIA announced it would be implementing hash rate restrictions on its RTX 3060 GPU to prevent it from mining Ethereum.

This comes after NVIDIA's RTX 30 Series continues to sell out instantly, with PC owners competing against both miners and scalpers for the latest graphics card. By restricting the hash rate, NVIDIA hopes miners will be less inclined to buy its GPU (and instead buy the NVIDIA CMP), freeing up stock for gamers.

However, as this situation has shown, some miners are treating the GPU's restrictions as a challenge, and are dedicated to hacking the RTX 3060 for mining purposes.

NVIDIA has stated it will not retroactively implement these hash rates in its previous cards from the 30 Series, but the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti may feature similar restrictions to dissuade miners.

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