Nvidia GeForce Now day passes let you play with a 4080 rig for one day

Nvidia GeForce Now Priority/Ultimate day pass announcement image
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce Now Priority/Ultimate day pass announcement image
Credit: Nvidia


  • Nvidia is now offering users the option to purchase day passes for GeForce Now
  • GeForce Now Ultimate and Priority passes last 24 hours after purchase
  • Nvidia GeForce Now still offers a monthly subscription option

Some people don't want to opt in for a monthly subscription, especially if they don't use it very often. Nvidia seems to have noticed that, giving users the option to purchase a single day pass for its Priority and Ultimate services at $3.99 and $7.99 respectively.

Whether you're finding out how GeForce Now actually works or you're annoyed by the recent GeForce Now price hikes and want to avoid a monthly subscription, the new Day Passes will let you enjoy a cloud gaming rig without having a renewal you'll eventually forget is coming.

Both options are notably cheaper than paying for a monthly subscription, especially if you're not going to need the service after a day. For example, Priority costs users £3.99 a month, while the Ultimate subscription will set you back £19.99 per month.

Nvidia GeForce Now daily passes options on the website
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Credit: Nvidia

While the Free GeForce Now tier is still an excellent option to test the service before you pay for a monthly sub or the Day Pass, it's not the best method of playing for a day. The Free tier limits you to an hour per session before it kicks you out, as well as Nvidia now putting up to two minutes of ads for Free users.

The Ultimate Day Pass gives you a full 24 hours to play on a 4080 rig across the cloud, offering up to 4K resolution and up to 120 FPS. Sessions are limited eight hours, but there's no limit to how many sessions you can do in a single day. Alternatively, the Priority Day Pass lets you play six hour sessions, up to 60 FPS and up to 1080 resolution.

So, if you've been wanting a reason to test out one of the best graphics cards but don't want to hand over a lot of your hard-earned cash, the Ultimate Day Pass may be a solid option. However, the monthly option will be better value for money if you plan to use it multiple days in a month.

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