No Way Home concept artist reveals Symbiote Suit Tom Holland

The ending of Venom: Let There Be Carnage set up a crossover between Tom Holland's Peter Parker and Tom Hardy's Venom. However, with the highly anticipated release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, that crossover didn't occur.

Instead, Sony is betting everything on a full-blown versus movie between the two superhero properties. Of course, this will definitely result in Holland's Peter Parker donning one of the most beloved Spidey suits: the Symbiote Suit.

No Way Home artist designs Holland's Symbiote Suit

As Spider-Man: No Way Home has only just released, the movie's concept artist Thomas du Crest has revealed his take on the classic design. Du Crest explained that, while he can't reveal any of his recent Spidey art, he can give fans a look at “what might come next”.

Du Crest’s design is the perfect mix between the current MCU Spider-Man and Sony's Venom. Unlike Spider-Man 3’s design, this suit goes for a fittingly living design. Instead of black fabric, Holland's Symbiote Suit is the same inky texture as Venom himself.

The design takes even more cues from Sony's Venom. As the movie Venom didn't have the iconic Spider insignia, artists added white veins to the design. While the Holland design still has the Spider, it also gets Venom’s veins as well.

It’s a remarkably strong design for the character’s next look. While it's not known if the Spidey-Venom crossover will be Spider-Man 4, it is coming in the future. If this is what the Symbiote Suit will look like on screen, fans won't be disappointed.

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Why are Spider-Man and Venom fighting?

One of the biggest issues that fans have with the upcoming crossover is why Spider-Man and Venom are fighting. As the two have been in separate universes, the two have no reason to fight. However, the ending of Venom 2 reveals that Venom “hates that guy”.

Fans have theorised that there is a Spider-Man in Venom’s universe and that they've met before. They also theorise that he's interacted with Andrew Garfield’s webhead in the past. But those are just theories.

Of course, the actual reason they're fighting is money. Both Venom and Spider-Man have been making unfathomable amounts of money. It’s inevitable that they're going to make mad bank together!

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