Nintendo Switch update has BANNED certain words from usernames - see the list here

The latest Nintendo Switch update has seen a slew of words added to the banned name list.

These updates tend to happen fairly often as language ends up evolving and new words end up with different meanings or just old words that haven't been banned yet for whatever reason.

The update also brings with it some stability improvements too, although it seems that the home menu has also been updated.

So, which words can you no longer use?

Which words have been banned

So, alongside all of the normal words you'd expect to be banned, you know, swear words and whatnot, there are now some new words on the list.

The words listed by OatmealDome on Twitter are KKK, Slave, Nazi, ACAB, Coronavirus, and COVID.

It's easy to see why some of these words have been added to the list, but it's also somewhat surprising that they weren't there in the first place.

Of course, if you're one of our many kind-hearted and wonderful readers, you might be wondering why this kind of list is even necessary.

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Why do these filters need to be in place?

Well, good people of the internet, it turns out that not everybody is one of the good people of the internet. You see, a lot of people end up feasting on the anonymity that being online brings and, as a result, say a lot of stuff that they wouldn't say in real life.

As such, filters like this are necessary to try and stop those people being needlessly cruel or upsetting kids, who are still a huge part of the Nintendo fanbase.

These filters only go so far though, and without more advanced tools they will continue having to play catch-up when compared to the speed at which idiots develop new ways to be offensive for no reason.

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