Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 - how to fix YouTube on Switch

Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 - how to fix YouTube on Switch

Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 - how to fix YouTube on Switch

If you are getting error code 2-ARVHA-0000 on Nintendo Switch while trying to open YouTube, we have some solutions for you.

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console that allows users to play games both on their TV and on the go. However, like any other device, it is not immune to errors and problems.

Error code 2123-1502, error code 2137-7504, and the notorious error code 2-ARVHA-0000 are some common error codes on Switch. So today, we'll show you solutions to fix YouTube on Switch.

How to fix Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 on YouTube

We scoured the web to find the best solution for this problem, and we stumbled upon some troubleshooting tips shared by the customer support team at YouTube and Nintendo. We have compiled these solutions into an easy-to-read bullet list below.

So, here are our suggestions to get rid of Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 on YouTube:

  • Try other apps to see if your internet working fine.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the app.
  • As Nintendo Support suggested, check if the date and time are set correctly on your handheld console. Go into System > Date and time, and then make sure the Synchronise clock via internet option is on.
  • If you haven't already, try to sign out and then sign back in, as recommended by YouTube Support.

If the problem persists after going through all of the above suggestions, your last resort is to delete the application from the console and re-download it from the Nintendo eShop. In case that does not work, we recommend you report the issue to YouTube by going here.

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What is Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000?

Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 appears when you attempt to open YouTube. This annoying error has been plaguing the Nintendo community since 2019. Despite being an old error, a 100% working solution to this error still does not exist.

While the actual cause of the error is unclear, incorrect date and time on the console or an outdated app could be the problem. It could also be an issue with your internet connection or the YouTube app itself.

Anyway, the suggestions we outlined here are the only potential solutions to the Nintendo Switch error code 2-ARVHA-0000 error. Hopefully, one of the tips will work for you and you will be back streaming YouTube in a jiffy.

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