Nintendo 4DS - Will there ever be another DS console?



You could quite easily accuse gamers of never really being happy no matter how much new technology they get.

We're not here to say whether or not that's true, but you could certainly say it.

Despite how resplendent the Nintendo Switch is, people are looking at what else Nintendo could do, and some people just won't let go of the DS line of handhelds.

People are still asking questions about a 3DS successor, with a lot of people dubbing it the Nintendo 4DS.

Fans want a 4DS

It's important to note that most people aren't expecting the addition of a 4th dimension to gaming. 4DS is just the shorthand name for it because it comes after the 3DS.

If, however, you want to look at some mockups, there are some good ones in this video here:

As you can see, people seem to think it'll be a lot of things, but it's probably never going to happen.

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Will Nintendo ever do a 4DS?

Our favourite note on the whole thing comes from the Nontendo Fandom page which states that the console will be released in the second quarter of 2023 and "will be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined; it is powerful enough to emulate both."

It also explains that "The system can emit odors, and can shift the pixels of the top screen into textured metamaterials that can be felt in realtime."

Apparently, this will be used to smell the wind behind Sonic when he runs, the ocean in Super Mario, and will be used a lot in an "unrevealed Wario game."

We're not saying that this is complete nonsense, but we're not not saying it either.

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