Nightingale Realm Spirits explained

a character in nightingale with a weapon in hand
Credit: Inflexion Games

a character in nightingale with a weapon in hand
Credit: Inflexion Games

Due to Nightingale’s in-game elements and complex storyline, the newly-released survival game has taken the PC gaming community by storm, especially the survival craft enthusiasts. Here, players are exposed to the option of journal entries, where they can log their quests and understand the somewhat tricky concepts of the game.

However, the journal entries are mainly conserved to the quests within the game. Hence, you won’t be able to log the mysterious creatures or NPCs you come by as you progress through the quest line. Therefore, what purpose does a particular creature play in your storyline? That’s a question only time will tell as you progress through the different stages of the game.

The same case applies to the Realm Spirits in Nightingale, who can look dangerous at first sight but be helpful in certain aspects. Keep reading for a detailed guide on what these creatures are and their purpose.

What are Nightingale Realm Spirits?

In simple words, Nightingale’s Realm Spirits are ghost-like creatures who may show up as soon as you complete the tutorial for the game. Their purpose is revealed as you progress in Nightingale’s storyline.

Generally, their functions are helpful since they’re involved in regenerating exhausted resources within the game like trees and plants. Furthermore, they can also revive animals.

This is a tremendous opportunity for players to stack up their inventory with new resources by locating where these Realm Spirits reside. Where in contrast, they’d have to travel to a new Realm to collect resources.

As stated, the journal entry feature does not apply to creatures and NPCs—Realm Spirits included. Hence, one cannot say the role these Realm Spirits will play in your quest line. Nonetheless, until you progress to a level where interaction with these Realm Spirits is vital, they’ll leave you alone and continue regenerating exhausted resources and animals.

Due to their hostile appearance, you may also be tempted to attack these creatures. However, it won’t be significant since the Dispel Enchantment is the only way to deal damage to the Realm Spirits. Furthermore, these creatures are pretty powerful in terms of abilities and HP. Hence, you must have gear to counter the Realm Spirits.

Nightingale Realm Spirit locations

You can locate Realm Spirits as soon as completing the in-game tutorial. In contrast, some mysterious creatures will show themselves as you progress with your quest line.

A Realm Spirit, The Carnute, or Demon Deer, can be found in the Forest areas of the game.

As for other spirits, the Desert and Swamp biomes are pretty much vacant, though it’s predicted that future updates will introduce new creatures around these locations.

Realm Spirits are mysterious-looking creatures in Nightingale, who, although look hostile, serve beneficial functions. However, what specific function they play in your storyline will unravel as you progress in the game. And if you're having a hard time making progress, you can benefit from reading How to craft a Mechanical Gear in Nightingale.

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