Nightingale Faerie Rings explained

Nightingale Faerie Rings explained - sunset with mountains

Nightingale Faerie Rings explained - sunset with mountains

Exploring new dungeons is fun and everything, but it often comes with quite the big risk. If you find yourself without the proper equipment or healing salves, then what? But do not worry, as Faerie Rings come in your aid. What are they? Let's find out all you need about Nightingale Faerie Rings.

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But in this guide, we'll find out how these Nightingale Faerie Rings work and how they can make your life a lot easier.

Nightingale Faerie Rings explained

Basically, Faerie Rings are... well, rings, small circles on the ground that will be your spawn point for every realm you visit. Naturally, every realm is generated procedurally every time a player visits, so each one will have a different Faerie Ring point.

But, some players do have noticed that Faerie Rings have a tendency to spawn near Essence Traders, which are basically merchants that you can buy equipment and gear from. That is definitely convenient to have on hand.

But it is also possible to craft a Faerie Ring. To do it you will need one Synchronous Lotus, four Wood Bundles and four Stone Blocks. The good thing is that you might be able to place it everywhere you want, which means also in a dungeon, imagine respawning exactly where you just died. Keep in mind thought that this is just a temporary skill and that it might be changed in the future.

But that's all we have for you, at the moment, on the Nightingale Faerie Rings. For more information on the game, check out our guides on how to craft paper and how to repair items.

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