Nicolas Cage is almost certainly in Death Stranding 2

Nicolas Cage is almost certainly in Death Standing 2

Nicolas Cage is almost certainly in Death Standing 2

Yesterday Hideo Kojima posted a picture, on his Instagram profile, together with notorious "so bad he's good" actor Nicolas Cage. If that means what we think it means - and let's be honest that's probably what it is - we are 99% sure that Nicolas Cage is going to be featured in Death Stranding 2.

Cage, sporting one of his usual slick attires, can be seen next to a Ludens statue, with Hideo Kojima standing on the other side. The actor visited the Kojima Productions office and also left a nice note which read: “To Hideo and the team, thank you for an incredible tour."

Nicolas Cage is almost certainly in death stranding 2 actor signing blackboard
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The tour of Kojima studios was part of the actor's appearance at the Summer Games Fest 2023, where he mainly was there to promote "playing himself" in Dead by Daylight.

Naturally, speculations are running wild: what is the actor doing touring the studios? Will he be part of the cameos we are expecting to see in Death Stranding 2 or will he actually have a bigger part in the game?

Fans are already running wild with theories, with one being particularly crazy: delivery boxes as Nicolas Cage on his Ghost Rider motorcycle. But one thing is for sure, we are definitely expecting the actor to make an appearance in one of Kojima's many current projects.

It is definitely not a stretch to imagine the National Treasure and Face/Off actor appearing in the sequel to Death Stranding, considering the original game featured talents such as Tommie Earl Jenkins, Conan O'Brien and Edgar Wright.

Cage definitely seems to be more and more interested lately in the world of games, since one of his latest movies has also been adapted into gaming form, with the Vampire Survivors-like tie-in to his Reinfield movie where he plays Count Dracula.

As fans of The Cage in all of his different and crazy forms, we can't help but be tremendously excited to see him in this new endeavor and can't wait to be playing more and more characters as him.

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