New PS5 God of War game might be more expansion than sequel

next god of war game wont be a full-fledged sequel
Credit: Sony Santa Monica

next god of war game wont be a full-fledged sequel
Credit: Sony Santa Monica

Now that most PlayStation users have beaten God of War Ragnarok, many fans are hoping that a sequel will quickly be released on PS5. It turns out another entry might already be in the works, though it’s less a full-blown sequel and more an expansion.

Twitter user ViewerAnon claims that Sony Santa Monica is working on a new God of War but it might be similar to the standalone expansions PlayStation has been making. Think less God of War Ragnarok and more Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Uncharted: Lost Legacy in terms of what to expect.

For fans who might not know, Miles Morales and Lost Legacy were much shorter PlayStation adventures that still had similar production values and budgets. Miles Morales is only about 10 hours for the main story, maybe 15 hours to complete everything, but it doesn’t look out of place in the PlayStation library.

Considering how the modern God of War games have been criticized for being too long and bloated, a shorter adventure might be perfect. If this expansion acts as a bridge to Ragnarok and the next official entry, fans would love it, especially since it keeps the combat slick.

Kratos and friends are still a hot commodity, as Amazon is planning to adapt the 2018 game into a live-action series. While the series was taken more seriously with this quasi-reboot, we do hope that the television show adds some flashbacks to the PS2, PS3, and PSP games.

Rumours also claim that Sony Santa Monica will be making God of War games for a long time. It sounds disappointing but considering how flexible this series is with lore, the amount of games that can be made is endless.

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Players can pick up God of War Ragnarok right now on PS4 and PS5, with hopes of a PC port. God of War (2018) is currently available on PS4 and PC, with a patch that gives it 60fps on PS5.

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